Software for computers running RISC OS.


Version 2.00
A small utility that adds a display of the CPU temperature to the iconbar and can optionally log temperatures to a file using !SysLog. Now supports the BeagleBoard-xM. For OMAP35xx- and DM37xx-based machines only!


Version 1.01
A command line or interactive utility that can control the 4 LEDs on the IGEPv2 board, allowing them to be turned on/off and their intensity to be controlled where possible in hardware. For IGEPv2 only! (Tested only on revision B board.)
Download and run IGEPv2LEDs -help for usage information.


Version 0.02
A font editor for bitmap fonts used by !Zap. I have taken over development of this software from Christian Ludlam.

Outline Fonts

These are UCS fonts, and hence require the UCS Font Manager.

M+ Fonts

Version 0.01, based on "Testflight" 044
A sans-serif font, with proportional and monospaced variants and many different weights ranging from thin to black, supporting C0 Controls and Basic Latin, Latin-1 Supplement, Latin Extended-A, Japanese Kana, and Japanese Kanji. The various style codenames ("1P", etc.) are described on the font homepage. Unlimited permission is granted to use, copy, and distribute, with or without modification, either commercially or non-commercially. See the licence text files in the archives for details.

Hanazono (花園) Fonts

Version 0.01, based on hanazono-20110915
A very comprehensive free kanji font that contains over 78,000 characters defined in ISO/IEC 10646 / the Unicode standard. Released jointly under the SIL Open Font Licence and the Hanazono Font Licence. Note that it does not contain Basic Latin, so is currently quite useless under RISC OS except when used in conjunction with software that uses RUfl. You need both of the following downloads to get the full number of characters, though MinchoB contains only the lesser-used CJK Unified Ideographs Extentions B, C and D. These are big downloads!